Are you worried because you need to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 and you have no idea how to do that? Need not worry now! We are going to show you 3 different ways to root any Samsung Galaxy S3 so that you can access its full potential. Whether you want to update your Android version or boost its speed or whatever your purpose behind rooting, this article will give you clear and concise ways to root your Samsung Galaxy.

If you are planning to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 to access its full potential, you need to know these important things before getting started to root the phone. It is remarkable to note that rooting is a highly risky task as a single wrong move may brick your lovely phone. Therefore, remembering and following these few things will save your Android phone from being a brick and help you root it with success and safety.
1. Backup Samsung Galaxy S3
It is essential to back up your data from your Galaxy before rooting incase the lost during the rooting process.
2. Fully Charge Galaxy S3
Our Samsung Galaxy S3 should be fully charged before started to root it so that there be no chance of draining the battery while rooting.
3. Choosing Right Method
It is also an imperative pre-step to make a good research on how to root Samsung Galaxy and choose a correct one. Watch the tutorial many times to get clear ideas of that method. Rooting methods differ from device to device so be specific to yours.
4. Download Necessary Drivers
Make sure that you have downloaded and installed all the needed drivers on your computer before getting started. You can easily get the drivers from their official websites.
5. Learn How to Reroot Samsung
The chances are that you might have trouble in rooting and want to unroot to get everything back to normal. To make things earlier at that time, you can now search the internet to get known some tips about how to unroot your Android device. Some rooting software also allows you to unroot Android device.
6. Disable Firewall and Antivirus
It is also necessary that you disable the antivirus or firewall on your computer before rooting because Some antivirus or firewall setup might interfere with your rooting process.
Rooting an Android phone has become so easy and simple process with Android Root that you can root your Samsung Galaxy S3 just in a single click. Dr Phone offers you the fastest and most convenient way to root your Android. Supporting over 7000 devices, Dr Phone – Android Root is 100% safe and secure. Let’s learn the steps now how to use Android Root for rooting your Galaxy S3:

android root win

Step 1. Launch Dr Phone
First of all, we have to download install and launch Dr Phone on our computer. Next, we need to click on ‘More Tools’ from the left column and select ‘Android Root’ from the toolkits.
root samsung galaxy s3 with androdi root
Step 2. Connect Phone to Computer
Now we have to connect our phone to the computer using a USB cable. We should have enabled the USB Debugging mode on our phone. The phone will be automatically detected and connected.
root samsung galaxy s3 with androdi root
After your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is connected successfully, dr.fone – Android Root will automatically detect your phone and find a proper solution to root your phone. Click on Start to continue.
root samsung galaxy s3
Step 3. Root Android Phone
Once the phone is detected, there we get an option to root the phone. What we need to do now is to click on the root option.
with androdi root
During the rooting process, the phone will pop up a message to ask whether you would like to root the phone. Tap on Confirm to continue the rooting. Just in a few minutes, your Samsung Galaxy S3 will be rooted successfully.

Now we will learn another way to root Galaxy S3 that is using TowelRoot application. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 with TowelRoot is an easy and simple task that anyone can do it. You don’t even need to use your computer to root your phone. Here we have shown the steps with screenshots to guide you how to root galaxy S3 with Towelroot.

Step 1. Downloading TowelRoot
First of all, you need to download and install TowelRoot. You need to go to the official website of Towelroot and simply tap on the lambda symbol to download it.
Downloading TowelRoot
Step 2. Installing TowelRoot
Before installing TowelRoot, please not that you need to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ Settings so that the device allows you install any app outside the Google Play. Now you have to install TowelRoot as shown in the screenshot. You may also get a warning while installing it so just accept it.
Installing TowelRoot
Step 3. Running TowelRoot and Rooting
Once Towelroot is successfully installed on your Samsung galaxy, you need to run it. You have to tap on the ‘make it ra1n’ option as shown in the following image. It will take around 15 seconds to root and reboot your phone so just wait till then. This is how TowelRoot works to root your Samsung Galaxy S3.
Running TowelRoot and RootingStep 4. Verify Root using Root Checker
Now you need to check if the phone is rooted or not by simple installing Root Checker from Google Play.
Verify Root using Root Checker
Once Root Checker is installed on your galaxy, you need to open it and simple tap on Verify root button and it will check well if the device is rooted.
Once Root Checker

Now in this last part of the article, we are going to show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 with Odin 3. Odin is a cool Window only software developed by Samsung for rooting, flashing, upgrading and restoring Samsung phones through a special firmware file specific to your device model. Let’s learn how to root a Samsung galaxy S3.
Step 1. Download and Extract Odin 3
At first, you need to visit the official website of Odin and download it. Here is the link for you: Once it is downloaded, you need to extract it on your computer. It doesn’t need to be installed but just extracted.
Download and Extract Odin 3Step 2. Boot Samsung to Download Mode
Now you need to boot the galaxy S3 to download mode in this step. First, switch it off and then Press and hold down the Home Key, Volume Down Key, and Power Button at the same time until the Samsung screen shows.
Boot Samsung to Download ModeStep 3. Launch Odin 3
Now you need to run Odin 3 as administrator and connect your phone using a USB cable. Once your phone is recognised, you will see there a colour light blue in the ID: COM section.
Launch Odin 3Step 4. Checking Auto Reboot
In this step, you need to check the Auto Reboot and the F. Reset time on your Odin and leave others as they are. Clicking on the PDA button, you need to search for the extracted CF Auto file. After selecting this file CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.tar.md5, click on the Start button and wait till it completes. You will see ‘PASS’ on the first box meaning the device is rooted.
Checking Auto RebootStep 5. Verify using Root Checker
Now you need to check if the phone is rooted or not by simple installing Root Checker from Google Play. Once Root Checker is installed on your galaxy, you need to open it and simply tap on Verify root button and it will check well if the device is rooted.
Verify using Root Checker

Hence, you learn 3 different methods of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 in this article. You can use any one of the three ways to root your phone.