Broken Device?We can get into your damaged device and get your files back.

Various situations are supported, like accidentally damaged the screen of your Android device, the screen becomes black and shows nothing on it, can’t get into the system for unknown reasons, unable to open the USB debug, forget the lock screen password, no response with the touch screen and more.
You can use the free trial version of this broken Android data recovery software to scan and preview data on your device, so that you can decide which item to recover.
Not only the internal memory card, this broken Android data recovery software also helps to scan and recover data from your SD card on the broken device.
You can export your contacts in CSV, HTML and VCF formats to computer, easy for later use. And save messages on your broken Android device in HTML format to computer for easy reading or printing. For photos, video, audio and other kinds of documents, you can save them anywhere on your computer, as long as you can find them easily.
Currently, this broken Android data recovery program works perfectly for lots of Samsung phones and tablets, such as the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note series, etc. As to other brands of Android devices, don’t worry. It will come very soon in the near future.
This broken Android data recovery program is completely read-only software. It won’t keep, modify or leak any data on your device or in the backup file. We take your personal data and account seriously. You’re always the only person who can access it.

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